The Co-PI team of Dr. Lorenzo Ferri, Veena Sangwan PhD and Swneke Bailey PhD received a CIHR project grant ($753,525, five years)  for "Investigating the Molecular Determinants of Peritoneal Metastasis from Gastro-Esophageal Adenocarcinomas".



The project, known as STrOmal ReprograMing (STORMing Cancer) Provides New Directions to Prevent and Revert Chronic Inflammation, aims to find novel ways of treating cancer caused by inflammation and to develop new options to prevent cancer from developing in high-risk patients with chronic inflammatory diseases.


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The central theme of the McGill University Thoracic and Upper GI Cancer Research Laboratories involves investigating the cellular, molecular, and genetic determinants of cancer metastasis from lung, esophageal and gastric malignancies.


In general, the fundamental research performed by trainees and technicians in the lab is heavily supported by a strong link to both translational and clinical research platforms, allowing a constant interplay between the bench and bedside.


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